My Portfolio

Tipsy Business Plan

This is a business plan written by Katina Davis and myself. We wrote this business plan for Maureen McDonald, an executive assistant at Samsung. Maureen has a brilliant plan to create a business that offers custom in-home wine tastings.

My primary role in this project was researching relevant market, demographic, and budget data. Once the data was gathered, I used the data to write the description of the target demographic, a competitive analysis, state of the market, budget and benefits section of the business plan

Network Pharmacology White Paper

This a white paper that covers the use of network pharmacology to create drugs from Traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of pathologies. This paper outlines how network pharmacology is being used to discover how these remedies work in order to isolate compounds treating the pathology and use the newly discovered compound to create highly effective remedies.

Learning Beyond the Walls UNT New College in Frisco

This is easily the most fulfilling project I participated in during my time at UNT. For this project teams were tasked to produce a series of manuals for the innovative new rooms in UNT New College at Frisco. These rooms featured a wide variety of new technologies that needed to be introduced to professors and students. The manuals were created from scratch with limited access to subject matter experts.

Once again my primary role in this project was product research, along with instructional design. I spent a lot of time conducting hands-on research with all of the technology featured in the manuals. This research helped me to write instructions that focused on helping users gain access to the power that the technology can provide.

Adobe Creative Suite

This is a collection of documents I created using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. While document design is not my strength, I realize the importance of a well-designed document and strive to improve my skills in that area.